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At REVIEW O’CLOCK¬† our purpose is clear and exact;

To increase sales through sales funnel, copywriting and review publishing.

To teach business owners how to make Artificial Intelligence works for them through automation to optimize business time and reduce stress.

To help business owner strategically  generate outstanding leads, create leads nurturing template, irresistible offers that would x10 sales, increase customer retention base and gain Loyal customers.

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Sales funnel is a combination of marketing Strategy applied with the aim of  generating target customers to your business and nurturing(giving value which could be inform of: educating, entertaining or giving valuable freebies) sufficient enough for them  to become loyal customers who advocate for your business.

To simply put, sales funnel is the journey between when a prospect first got to know your business till when they decided to be your customer, if the process is not nurtured properly, a prospect will only end up being a prospect and not a customer.

as much as Lead magnet is important in your sales funnel process, nurturing the lead to yield and become a paying customer and returning customer is the goal not just one-off.

So have you ever tried acquiring more prospect strategically or you are just doin it as you deem fit?


Simply a captivating well detailed write- up that serve the same purpose  as an instore sales person.

The only different is copywriting is more effective than an average in store sales person, with the main purpose of instant conversion living a prospect to fear missing out on getting a product or offer


87% of Online shoppers search for existing reviews of an existing product or service, this may be in form of testimonials from your existing client, this serves as a social proof factor.

it is effective in increasing  sales conversion if used properly 

Lead magnet attract potential buyers and help you retain them

Get a free lead magnet for your business and Strategically watch your sales increases

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Do you have an irresistible offer for sale?

Starting with a lead magnet is important if you are just starting out.

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