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Let us remove the stress of having a digital portfolio , website sales page and  pitching of good businesses and eligible individuals in search of employment by getting featured on our site.


Public Figure Portfolio

A Public Figure Portfolio Website serves as a review website on the achievement of the influencer and also giving accolades and honour to the public figures who are in service to humanity, it serves as a documentary web page for the Influencer, show casing their past, present and future project.

Firms and small Business Portfolio

 A firm who
might need to solicit for investors on a particular project needs a portfolio
website to answer the objections of a prospective investor and give an insight
of the project.

A business Owner needs
Portfolio website and sales page to showcase available product and service with good sales
copy, reviews of existing customers and call to action button

Individual Portfolio

An Individual who seeks for Job needs A portfolio website to stand out from the regular paper Resume.

Every on who wishes to have a Sophisticated collection of what they do, how they do it and what people are saying about them(reference) need a Portfolio Website.

The Lady Behind Review O'clock

Welcome to my
Portfolio world, my name is Taiwo Fatimoh, my website designing journey started
as far back as 2018 when Lagos State Government started Code Lagos Initiative.
Smiles, So now you know I am a beneficiary, Special Thanks to Hon. OBAFELA BANK-OLEMOH
who was the founder of the code Lagos Initiative as the code Lagos Introduction
to basics of Web development class facilitated by Mr Solih Alaketu got me
glued, from writing codes to going out on my own for advanced paid
wed-designing classes with some social media marketing gigs.

Forward to 2021 year ending, to earnest my skills in web-designing and pitching my  Affiliate marketing services to prospective client, I created Review O’clock Portfolio website, where I will be
featuring, Public figures, Individuals, Firms and small business owners who are
worthy of Featuring.

This is just a solo Initiative for now but I am open for collaborations with like minded

Connect with me directly here

Kindly Support this initiative by sharing your portfolio, or sales page created here on your social media handles.

Warmest Regards.


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